1. English only.
  2. No referral links for other sites.
  3. No begging.
  4. No spamming.
  5. No flooding the chat.
  6. No all caps.
  7. Keep it civil. No harassment.
  8. No solicitation.
You can get GoCoins to play with and redeem through the earn and referral systems.
If your Steam profile is public and you meet our Steam account requirements, you can send GoCoins by either clicking on a user's name in chat or use the /send command in this format: "/send {steamid64} {amount}".
Users with a VAC or game ban on Steam are not allowed. To prevent abuse, we have account requirements on the validity of a Steam account. If you've only signed up to Steam, simply use your account more and play games normally and your account will become verified.
Yes, you can read about our provably fair system on our about page.
We do not offer deposits because we are not a gambling site.
Offers generally take from fifteen minutes to an hour to confirm. If the offer is not shown as credited on the offer wall, you should contact the offer wall where you completed the offer. There is nothing we can do to help you if the offer wall has not credited the offer since we do not receive any information on what you do on the offer wall, we only see when you have been credited by the offer wall. If the offer has been marked as credited on the offer wall and you still have not received your GoCoins, your offer may be one of the few marked for manual verification in our system in order to prevent mass chargebacks. Manual verification usually takes from under a day to a week.

About Us


Handouts.gg is a offer earning site. Earn rewards through playing games and completing offers. Free coins daily. Instant reward redemption.

Referral System

If you have set your Steam profile to public, and you meet our Steam account requirements, you can put Handouts.gg in your steam name, you can redeem 5 GoCoins for free once a day if your steam account meets our Steam account requirements. This is limited once a day per IP to prevent abuse. You can redeem again at midnight EST.
Through your referral link, you can earn 5% of all your referrals' earnings and 1% of all GoCoins they play.


1 GoCoin = 0.01 USD.


You can earn GoCoins and rewards through our offer walls on our earn page.


GoCoins can be exchanged for rewards.


You need to have a public Steam profile and game details and meet our Steam account requirements to speak in chat or send GoCoins. You can send other users GoCoins by clicking on their names in chat or typing "/send {steamid64} {amount}" in chat.

Provably Fair System

Handouts.gg's rolls are created before you click the roll button. We have no way of knowing what variables you may change and cannot rig the roll. A sha-256 hash of the roll is provided before you roll so you can verify that the roll was not altered in any way afterwards. It is statistically impossible to recreate a sha-256 hash without the initial inputs at the current time so we cannot just send you any sha-256 hash.

These are the steps that Handouts.gg goes through to bring you a fair game:
  1. Server Roll is generated.
  2. A sha-256 hash of the (Server Roll + Server Salt) is sent to the player. (Tick the advanced checkbox.)
  3. Player customizes Roll Variables and clicks roll button.
  4. Player Roll (a random number generated client-side) and Roll Variables are sent to server.
  5. Server gets the remainder of (Server Roll + Player Roll) / 10000. This is the Resulting Roll.
  6. Server matches Resulting Roll against Roll Variables to determine whether player won or lost.
  7. Server sends the Server Roll, Server Salt, Resulting Roll, and Final Result back to the player.
  8. Player can now verify the roll by hashing the Server Roll + Server Salt and comparing it to the Server Hash.

Verifying Bets

After a bet, combine the Server Roll and Server Salt. e.g. A Server Roll of 277288906 and a Server Salt of 1d48eb958b7e7667 become 2772889061d48eb958b7e7667.
Then put the string into a sha-256 hasher. You can use the one we provide or an open-source external one or just google one.

Compare the Server Hash from the hasher to our Server Hash. If they are not the same, then the server roll was not legit and could have been rigged. This should never be a possibility, but in the off chance that we have made an error, you can contact us for a refund with the contact link in the footer.

Automatic Verification

You can click this button      on the top right of a dice or jackpot information popup to quickly verify it by comparing the hashes.

Sha-256 Hasher

Hash Verifier